My Kitschen

I live by the rule of, “if I need a thing I’m going to make it a cute thing.” cat Nowhere is this rule truer than with my kitchenwares. Forget the fact that I’m a rubbish cook and only have a tiny kitchen, a girl can still dream of one day opening her own diner by buying the kitschiest versions of every essential, right? Here are a handful of my favourites…. flamingo This pastel balloon patterned cocktail glass is part of a set that I found on Ebay. It’s pretty much the most adorable set ever and when I bought them I was totally visualising becoming a cocktail master, shaking up fancy concoctions at parties. bananas These banana plates are meant for banana splits. They’re another vintage Ebay purchase though I think the original make is called Carlton. I’m planning on using them for snacks mainly (and maybe an actual banana split at some point!) icecream Knowing I’m obsessed with ice cream, my mum sweetly bought me these little ice cream bowls, complete with teeny tiny spoons! babycham Next up: Babycham glasses! I think these are 1950s ones due to the style of the Babycham deer. Apologies for the grubby glass! babycham2 And here’s another picture, featuring my little Babycham figure. coffee Lastly, a Czechoslovakian pink coffee set! I found this in a dusty corner of an antiques store and managed to buy the coffee pot, 6 cups, 6 saucers and a sugar pot for £20. Bargain! Do you like collecting cute kitchenwares too?


Thrifting on a rainy Saturday

Today has been a strange one. My plans were a bit all over the place and then a combination of a bad headache and the grey, rainy outdoors put me in this really sludgy state of mind. In an attempt to perk myself up I decided to go for a walk, have a coffee and maybe look around a few charity shops.

A town near me has about seven charity shops. That’s right – seven. They’re also, rather conveniently, all located next to each other or opposite the road from one another, so you can literally hop from one to the next.

Some days though, no matter how many charity shops you look around or carboots you go to, you won’t end up finding anything that catches your eye. It’s really just down to luck. Today unfortunately wasn’t very lucky (at the start). Of the seven charity shops I only ended up finding two of the below Cadbury mugs. I was still really happy about this though! I’d been wanting these mugs for a while and I feel like they’re going to make all future hot chocolates taste ten times more delicious!


After getting the train back home I couldn’t resist just having a quick look in the charity shops that sit right by my local station (I’m truly surrounded by the things!) I just thought, if I’ve already done seven, why not do a few more? I think it’s always that “what if?” element of thrifting that urges you to keep going too, and despite the rain and my tired legs, I was so glad I did look.

The first things I found were these two little mice ornaments:


Aaaaand then this came into view…


A grand piano! And no, not an actual grand piano (that would be quite a find!) just a little vintage toy one.




Isn’t she lovely? I didn’t have to think twice about buying her, even though she’s broken in places. My sister suggested re-painting and looking online for a new key to replace her broken one, though I’m not sure if I will. I like when things look a little weathered, as it reminds you of their age and gives them more of a nostalgic presence.

I’ve placed the two little mice ornaments on top, so that it looks as if they’re eagerly awaiting whoever is about to play!

Anyway! That’s it from me tonight. I’m really going to try updating this blog more regularly over the coming weeks because it’s been a bit neglected of late!

Whoever is reading this, I hope that you have a lovely rest of your weekend! If you too happen to have done some thrifting this weekend, please do share your finds in the comments! 🙂

Amber x

Cats & dogs

Sunday’s are a good day for blog posts, and seeing as I’ve got a few new charity shop bits over the last few weeks I thought I’d do a thrifty themed post!

Much to my bank accounts detriment I’ve been shopping more at high street shops and through online stores rather than solely charity shops lately. This is partly because I’ve done some big clearing out  and realised that a lot of the things I was taking to the charity shops were originally from the charity shops :S

This can be the danger of thrifting. Sometimes you find the most incredble things, though other times you find yourself just buying stuff because it cheers you up and is a bargain that helps charity. Then you end up with a lot of things you don’t use and probably never will. This has made me a lot more weary of what I choose now, and I’ve been trying to only buy things that I’m madly in love with.

So, here are the things I’ve gathered over the past month!

Cat Jumper 


20140119-132422.jpgIt speaks for itself really. 

Vintage Dog Perfume Lamp

20140119-132443.jpgI saw this beauty in the window of a charity shop that specialises in selling second hand furniture. I was on my way home and they were just about to close, so I ran in, thinking it was just a strange looking ornament.

As the guy got it from the display for me we noticed a big black thing attached to the back of it’s head. After some speculating I gently pulled it out to realise it was in fact, a lamp! It was almost too good to be true, especially as dogs and strange lamps are two of my loves in life.

It’s very old, and had no wire unfortunately. Luckily though, my mums partner is pretty savvy at this kind of stuff, and he managed to replace the bulb and plug for me so that it now works. When switched on the glow doesn’t exactly light up a room, but the cool thing is he’s eyes and details of chest fur glow a deep orange, which is perfect horror movie lighting I feel!

Watercolour Cat Pictures in Pastel Frames 

20140119-132510.jpgThese are probably a little bit difficult to see, as I couldn’t get a very detailed picture of them due to the light being so bright today. They’re just delicate little paintings of moody looking cats. I’m always collecting decorations for when I move out and thought that these would look lovely on a wall of other illustrations and pictures within quirky frames.

Finally, this is not something from a charity shop, but rather an awesome anniversary present from my boyfriend that I just had to share. I finally own some Tatty Devine!


So, that’s it folks. Have a lazy-pizza Sunday!


Charity Shop Spree 30.10.2013

Since coming home from university over a year ago, I’ve been gradually working my way through clearing out all the things I’ve accumulated over the years (which is ALOT). I used to get really sentimental about chucking things away, even when they were something I hadn’t used in years and year and years. Now I tend to sell thing on Ebay or take them to the charity shop and feel this sense of relief having done so. It’s quite therapeutic somehow.

The only problem with the charity shop is that I end up dropping things off and then coming out with more! Today is a good example of this. I didn’t get as much as I have done on some trips, but what I did get, if i’m honest, I probably didn’t really need. Still, when you’re buying from charity shops it’s always a bargain and a good deed. So I’m not going to feel too guilty!

Here are my goodies of the day.

20131030-183718.jpgI thought I’d start with the weirdest. I think this is a salt shaker. I’m probably going to use it as decoration for now. It’s freaky and weird and that’s what I love about it. If my friend that I went shopping with didn’t think I was odd before, she certainly does now.

20131030-183733.jpgI’m such a sucker for candles and candle holders. There were two of these for 50p and the orangey tint to them looks lovely when lit up, as it reflects the petals of the flower shape onto the table surface in an amber hue.

20131030-183749.jpgThis pattern is from a blouse that I got. It was in the vintage section of one of my favourite local charity shops, and only cost £3! Great compared to the prices of actual vintage shops. The label said that it was an extra large, but I decided to try it on anyway because the pattern is awesome and I prefer a slouchy fit to tops. Luckily it worked, and is really airy and comfortable.

That’s all! I hope you’re all enjoying this Halloween week, or ‘Halloweek’, and watching lots of scary movies, eating pumpkin soup and listening to Monster Mash.

Bric A Brac

One of my favourite past times is going to charity shops and hunting through the bric a brac. I like finding what might seem like pointless junk to others and putting it to use as decoration in my bedroom. Over the past few months especially, I’ve found some great little things such as a 1972 model of Batman, a seal chilling on a block of ice and a glass weight filled with floating clock pieces. I love stuff like this as it’s unusual, makes you wonder where it came from, and is something out of the blue that happens to be just what you’re looking for.


Iceberg chillin’ seal


Clock pieces swimming in glass


Pika Pika money box


Marble wheel candle holder


Tree trunk mirror


1972 Batman doll (bat signal light from Amazon!)