My Kitschen

I live by the rule of, “if I need a thing I’m going to make it a cute thing.” cat Nowhere is this rule truer than with my kitchenwares. Forget the fact that I’m a rubbish cook and only have a tiny kitchen, a girl can still dream of one day opening her own diner by buying the kitschiest versions of every essential, right? Here are a handful of my favourites…. flamingo This pastel balloon patterned cocktail glass is part of a set that I found on Ebay. It’s pretty much the most adorable set ever and when I bought them I was totally visualising becoming a cocktail master, shaking up fancy concoctions at parties. bananas These banana plates are meant for banana splits. They’re another vintage Ebay purchase though I think the original make is called Carlton. I’m planning on using them for snacks mainly (and maybe an actual banana split at some point!) icecream Knowing I’m obsessed with ice cream, my mum sweetly bought me these little ice cream bowls, complete with teeny tiny spoons! babycham Next up: Babycham glasses! I think these are 1950s ones due to the style of the Babycham deer. Apologies for the grubby glass! babycham2 And here’s another picture, featuring my little Babycham figure. coffee Lastly, a Czechoslovakian pink coffee set! I found this in a dusty corner of an antiques store and managed to buy the coffee pot, 6 cups, 6 saucers and a sugar pot for £20. Bargain! Do you like collecting cute kitchenwares too?


Bric A Brac

One of my favourite past times is going to charity shops and hunting through the bric a brac. I like finding what might seem like pointless junk to others and putting it to use as decoration in my bedroom. Over the past few months especially, I’ve found some great little things such as a 1972 model of Batman, a seal chilling on a block of ice and a glass weight filled with floating clock pieces. I love stuff like this as it’s unusual, makes you wonder where it came from, and is something out of the blue that happens to be just what you’re looking for.


Iceberg chillin’ seal


Clock pieces swimming in glass


Pika Pika money box


Marble wheel candle holder


Tree trunk mirror


1972 Batman doll (bat signal light from Amazon!)