Hook Road Car Boot Sale

Hey hey,
I thought I’d finish off the Bank holiday with a quick little blog post about some of the vintage, kitschy treasures I found today at the Hook Road car boot sale.

My dad got married on Saturday, which was lovely, but I’ve felt in this permanent state of sleepiness lately. Life has been strangely busy for me and as an introverted, sloth-like soul who spends most of their time hibernating, I don’t think my body’s coping too well with having so many plans! I can’t really complain though, having spent yesterday recovering at my dads with my dog, boyfriend, cheese strings and cozy TV.

I also managed to persuade my dad to drive me to the Hook Road car boot sale this morning. He may grumble about the early start but I know that he quite enjoys perusing too! I haven’t been to very many other car boot sales, but the Hook Road one really is great. The atmosphere’s always bustling and friendly, with an ice cream van and lots of cute little dogs about (always a plus!)

Today’s car boot was the largest yet, stretching all the way to the very back of the field. An hour and a half, along with three bags of kitschy treasure later I headed back home. Here are some highlights of what I found:

A little vintage poodle, which just so happens to match the lamp version I own. I love finding long lost sets of things!

A set of vintage deer for just £1.

This wally dog was sold to me by a man turning them into lamp bases. He told me about how he’d not got around to completing a lot of them so had ended up with a lot of ornaments with holes in their head! I loved his idea though so still bought one for £2 and am going to buy a vintage pleated lamp shade for it.

It’s a little Fred Flour! He now has pride of place on the kitchen shelf, alongside all the cacti and my succulent.

Of all my finds these are my favourite. The lady that sold them to me mentioned they used to be popular in the 70s as bedroom decor for little girls.

Is there a better way to end a lovely Bank holiday weekend than with a brilliant car boot haul? I don’t think so! I hope you all had lovely weekends too.
Now, I’m off to bed — g’night!
Amber xxx


Brontosaurus? More like Sass-osaurus!

I had the day off work today, and despite coming down with a nasty cold, decided to spend it doing a little craft project!

I’m not really very good at being crafty if I’m honest (too clumsy) but every so often a project catches my eye or I get a simple idea that seems like a lot of fun with really cute results. Also, making stuff can be so therapeutic. It takes you out of your head for a while and fills you with pride when it goes right.

The Idea

I’ve seen on Etsy many a time some really great mods that people have done with toy animals: planters, coat hooks, jewellery holders and photo frames. I decided today was the day to try something similar, but also to keep it really simple and just spray paint some figures (because why not?)

After running a few errands in the morning I had lunch with my best friend, then went back home armed with four plastic dinosaurs and two cans of spray paint (I got a strange look from the lady at the checkout buying these).

There hadn’t been a wide selection of colours in the shop, but my love of pastels swayed me towards a lovely lavender, while I also thought a copper shade would go with this nicely. As for the dinosaurs, I chose two brachiosaurus (one baby, one mum) and two baby brontosaurus’, because they’re just the best.


Pass The Paint!

Next I put down two plastic bags to protect the surface and laid the dinosaurs out on them – two on one, and two on another. Then – the fun part! After shaking up the colours good and proper, I got to spraying.


Now, because I always get a bit over excited with doing things like this, I ignored the bottles advice of spraying light layers from a distance, and instead drowned the poor things in spray paint. Big brachiosaurus did not look happy – I had to carefully remove any excess paint and then step away from the spray paint for a while.



The bottle suggests a 45 minute wait for drying. I didn’t wait this exact amount of time (but just checked them carefully every twenty minutes or so.) The spraying part is a lot of fun so I was always eager to add more. It’s just SO satisfying watching them become a whole new colour.


Strangely, the copper coloured paint dried a lot quicker than the lavender. The lavender, because it’s a lighter shade also took a lot more coats (especially on the largest diplodocus). I got there in the end however and am really happy with the results!


It was such a fun little project for the afternoon and shows how easily pretty colours can transform simple things. These should look truly magical amongst all my other trinkets with their jazzy Jurassic vibes!


Keen For Greens

Green is my favourite colour. In particular, mint green and duck egg green (and any green tone with a sort of bluey-ness to it). I’ve always gravitated towards the aesthetic of things coloured in these sorts of tones, possibly because there’s a real vintage vibe to them. They’re gentle and dreamier, somehow.

It’s for this reason that a lot of my favourite home wares are in these colours, so I thought it would be fun to do a blog post to share the greeny coloured love! The following items are a few favourites that I’ve either already bought or really want to buy (and when you really want to buy stuff but can’t, making a blog post about them is the next best thing!)

Links to where you can buy these products from are included, and also take note of the great variety of names for each shade of green.

1. Granny Green Baby Lapin Lamp

378467_2121395208351_1649964275_1612091_759947843_n1I am obsessed with novelty shaped lamps. In fact, just lighting in general. I love the ambience different light can give rooms, and the way light can enhance and animate certain shapes. There’s just something more fun about things that glow!

This baby lamp would fit so perfectly into any kind of vintage setting, or just give a little character to more modern decor. It’s cheeky and cute, and comes in different colours too. I picked the amazingly named ‘granny green’ colour to share in this blog post, of course. You can buy these lamps from a variety of suppliers, though I took this image from the wonderful Retro Kids shop.

2. The RÅSKOG Kitchen Trolley

raskog-kitchen-trolley__0144044_PE304208_S4This trolley kind of inspired this post. I happened to see a picture of it this morning and fell in love. It’s by Ikea and apparently, great for storing everything from herbs and plants to beauty products, shoes, books, and as it’s intended for, kitchen utensils. (I would probably use it for cute blankets and old toys). 

3. Wild & Wold 746 1960’s Phone in Swedish Green 232466308

I’m not sure why, but I really, really needed a retro phone in my life. Even though, yes, if I were honest with myself I haven’t used our landline phone in years and anyone that wants to contact me usually does so through the internet or my mobile, yet it still felt like a very necessary purchase.

As the fortunes would have it, I recently won some John Lewis vouchers and to my delight, spotted that this baby was available on their site. Could I have bought something more practical? Eh, probably. But a landline phone sounds practical, at least. Besides, it looks so wonderful in a room, regardless of how often it’s being used.

4. Roberts Revival Radio in Leaf

230907486Ok, another one from John Lewis. I have lusted after this beautious leaf green radio for a long, long time, but just have no room for it at the moment (and am still very much in love with my peacock patterned DAB I got for Christmas when I was 14.) Once I move out and have more rooms to spread all my stuff to I have a plan that this will go in the kitchen for cooking/dancing sessions and coffee/LBC mornings.

5. Duck Egg Alarm Clock

125747546_1If like me, you’re in need of setting about ten alarms every morning to get yourself out of bed, this little alarm clock from Sainsburys is ideal. Not only does it have a rather lovely, vintage-esque look about it, it also has a mighty alarm voice on it!

6. 1970s Norsu Elephant Moneybox

shop3885700_pictures_myshop-large-OMM-norsu-elephant-mint-Always end lists on something extra cute, and this retro moneybox is so cute it could be crowned the cutest of cutesville. I mean, it’s a chubby lil’ mint green elephant! It’s also available from Retro Kids.

What are your favourite colours? Do you buy certain things that you’d never normally buy, just because they’re in your favourite colour? (I definitely do!)

Over and out for now,



A Place for Dreaming

If someone asked me to sketch the feeling of nostalgia, I’d sketch my aunt’s house.

P1050037It’s a little red hideout amidst the woodland of Karjaa, in Finland. This quiet location mixed with the scatterings of character inside makes being here feel like you’re lost in time, surrounded by symbols of stories and memories but not venturing their roads, just comforted by their presence.


My aunt’s name is Viv and she moved to Finland to retire, having lived in Belgium before that.  She lives with lots of animals, including four dogs and a bull named Hannibal.

DSCN5880He may look intimidating, with those big ol’ horns and a beastly stance, but really he’s as shy as could be.


See, look at that friendly little face.

I went to stay here for the first time about a year and a half ago now. Crazily, I hadn’t seen my aunt for about eight years until then. It felt like no time at all though, as we ate grilled halloumi and drank wine into the early hours of the morning, chatting about life and where it had taken us so far.

Just like looking through old photographs of family and trying to put together the little pieces of your heritage, I felt fascinated by everything around me. The thrifted lamp on the table, the Moomin mugs hung cutely in the kitchen, the bookcases filled with poetry books and then Viv’s art work, all around in frames or even decorating kitchen cupboards, doors and walls.



P1050032There’s so much creativity everywhere. Outside is an old canoe that Viv painted and uses as a pond for her turtles to swim in during summer.


And here’s a greenhouse Viv built with a friend, using only a hammer and hand saw!P1050042

I only stayed here for a week but often find myself missing it a lot when in a moment of stress. I think this is because I visited at a time when I had nowhere else to be, and felt completely free to do what I liked, hidden from the rest of the world for a while. I could almost pause time here and just be inspired, exploring and reflecting. I suppose in that way this magical little house reminds me of being in such a dreamy state of mind.   DSC_0094Hopefully I’ll get to go back some time soon. Do any of you have places that you maybe only visited once, but think of often and miss?

Cats & dogs

Sunday’s are a good day for blog posts, and seeing as I’ve got a few new charity shop bits over the last few weeks I thought I’d do a thrifty themed post!

Much to my bank accounts detriment I’ve been shopping more at high street shops and through online stores rather than solely charity shops lately. This is partly because I’ve done some big clearing out  and realised that a lot of the things I was taking to the charity shops were originally from the charity shops :S

This can be the danger of thrifting. Sometimes you find the most incredble things, though other times you find yourself just buying stuff because it cheers you up and is a bargain that helps charity. Then you end up with a lot of things you don’t use and probably never will. This has made me a lot more weary of what I choose now, and I’ve been trying to only buy things that I’m madly in love with.

So, here are the things I’ve gathered over the past month!

Cat Jumper 


20140119-132422.jpgIt speaks for itself really. 

Vintage Dog Perfume Lamp

20140119-132443.jpgI saw this beauty in the window of a charity shop that specialises in selling second hand furniture. I was on my way home and they were just about to close, so I ran in, thinking it was just a strange looking ornament.

As the guy got it from the display for me we noticed a big black thing attached to the back of it’s head. After some speculating I gently pulled it out to realise it was in fact, a lamp! It was almost too good to be true, especially as dogs and strange lamps are two of my loves in life.

It’s very old, and had no wire unfortunately. Luckily though, my mums partner is pretty savvy at this kind of stuff, and he managed to replace the bulb and plug for me so that it now works. When switched on the glow doesn’t exactly light up a room, but the cool thing is he’s eyes and details of chest fur glow a deep orange, which is perfect horror movie lighting I feel!

Watercolour Cat Pictures in Pastel Frames 

20140119-132510.jpgThese are probably a little bit difficult to see, as I couldn’t get a very detailed picture of them due to the light being so bright today. They’re just delicate little paintings of moody looking cats. I’m always collecting decorations for when I move out and thought that these would look lovely on a wall of other illustrations and pictures within quirky frames.

Finally, this is not something from a charity shop, but rather an awesome anniversary present from my boyfriend that I just had to share. I finally own some Tatty Devine!


So, that’s it folks. Have a lazy-pizza Sunday!



I’m not very smart when it comes to science, and when I was younger thoughts of space would scare me a lot, because they’d remind me of the vast emptiness outside of life.

Nowadays I suppose I like space for its strange, fascinating beauty. Last year I went to a planetarium for my birthday, which used effects that were a bit dated, though the experience of sitting beneath the solar system still felt like a great way to escape the mundane worries of everyday life for a moment.

My favourite planet is Saturn, as I’m sure it is for most people. I guess it just seems cuter and more aesthetically pleasing because it has a ring on it and looks sort of like a giant hula hooping ball of swirly colour.

Here’s a post in tribute of inspiring Saturn images and objects!







87356This lamp! ❤

La Luna

I’m completely in love with images of the moon. Especially these ones with faces. There’s something so cosy and comforting about the moon. Even when it looks a bit creeepy (like some of the pictures of moons to follow kind of do!) I’ve always been more of a night owl, in that I feel most inspired and content in those hours. Below i’ve listed a selection of my favourite moon pictures. Many are vintage, though they have this wonderfully atmospheric and nostalgic quality to them for this reason.



This moon has a rather unfortunate looking nose. I love the addition of the cat! Especially the fact it’s wearing a little bow tie too.







Not sure if this place is currently in existence, but if it is, I need to go there! If I had the world my way, every establishment would have neon lighted signs as wonderful as this.







These pictures of couples posing on paper moons seemed to be all the rage in the past. I wish it was still a thing! Even if it was, I’ve no doubt they’d look a lot more spectacular, with less of the charm that these do thanks to their age. Having one of these taken would be my dream date though, followed by blueberry pie and a milkshake in a diner.




This poster is a recipe for many of my loves in life.







The gentleman’s moon.







I’m not entirely sure where this image is from, though I have a feeling it’s from a kind of tarot card. I should probably know this as I also have tattoo of it.




There’s a selection of these images, with the woman doing a few other poses. This moon may be faceless, but the picture is still no less lovely. She looks like a glamorous moon goddess. I want to be a moon goddess!







Just another cute one to end. Moons = love.