My Videos

Europe Trip

Last January I went interrailing around Europe with my boyfriend. I had so much footage, and spent a long time playing around with what to do with it all. At first I started making separate videos for each destination, then that was tricky as some of the destinations had more footage than others. My Final Cut Pro was being very slow too, so I gave up for a while.

This week I finally finished putting it into a montage style short video of the entire trip. It captures the adventure and excitement of it all I feel like, though I may still at some point do other things with the extra footage too.

Beach Baby Cover

The talented Sam Lewis and I recorded a cover of Bon Iver’s beautiful song ‘Beach Baby’. I used some clips I’d taken in Aberystwyth and Brighton to put together this little music video for it, in the hopes of creating something that feels personal and translates a sense of nostalgia to those viewing it.


When I was a teenager I had a lot of issues getting to sleep at night. partly because I worry ridiculous amounts, and partly because of the internet. I still suffer bouts of insomnia now, though I made this video when I was 19 and having a particular problem with it. It’s supposed to capture the restless limbo you feel when awake throughout those still feeling hours.


I’m fascinated with people’s faces. The gestures they make, and the emotions you can magnify from the smallest of expressions. My great aunt in particular has an incredible face. She’s 90, so has a lot of life lined on her skin. I originally filmed these clips as part of an interview with her, though that didn’t really work out due to the background being too noisy. I ended up putting this together after writing a poem about her for one of my creative writing seminars. It was creative procrastination at its best!

Aber Fair

I lived in Aberystwyth, a small coastal town in Wales for three years while I was at university. I miss it a lot, which is why I’m happy I put together a few videos of moments there, such as this. Every November they would have a Christmas fair, and this is just a crazy blurred montage of fair ground lights. Warning: May induce a headache!


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