Mission: Iridescent Brogues at the Lazy Oaf x Miista Sample Sale

20140329-113826.jpgHow incredibly magical are these shoes? They’re the kind of thing that I imagine people wearing in a universe where unicorns roam purple mountains and pugs fly through the air with wings while we all live in floating houses shaped like saturn. These are not in fact from a fictional world though, but rather from the brand, ‘Miista’.

I’d first sighted these beauties on Tumblr (as with many of the clothes/shoes/jewellery I fall in love with). Holographic things seem to be everywhere at the moment and I love it. It’s so spacey and enchanting, like vintage sci fi movie sets, and literally anything made with holographic material becomes ten times more incredible. These shoes were just mesmerizing though, but alas, after tracking them down I discovered that they were most definitely out of my price range. There are some dreams that you just have to, with a heavy heart, close the tab on (and maybe bookmark for when you become a multi millionaire).


I was scrolling through Instagram last week and saw that the cute, quirky brand ‘Lazy Oaf’ were doing a sample sale in North London at the weekend. As if that wasn’t great enough, they were also teaming up with ‘Miista’! The very same ‘Miista’ that brought those spectacular holographic beautious brogues into existance. Everything was going to be up to 80% off and I was going. I was definitely, definitely going and returning with those glorious shoes.

The Sample Sale

I got up nice and early ready to embark on this pilgrimage. It started at 11am and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never been to a sample sale before, but I imagined it being a jungle of determined shoppers, grabbing everything in sight, scratching, pushing and sobbing into empty shoe boxes. Luckily it wasn’t quite so dramatic, though as I arrived there was still quite a queue and I felt a bit nervous. Timing has never been a forte of mine, though i’ve gotta say that on this occasion I arrived at the perfect moment – just as the doors opened and the first batch of people were let in.

I rushed past rails of pizza patterned shirts, Looney Toons jumpers and chocolate bar tops to catch the shimmer of rainbow that I could see at the far end of the room. And there they were. Amongst the hoards of lusty eyed shoe grabbers I could see the holographic brogues of my dreams.


Now as wonderful as the ones pictured are, I originally was after the silver iridescent ones. Unfortunately there was only one pair of these left in a size 5, though after seeing both these and the rose iridescent together, I sort of preferred the rose iridescent a little more anyway. They have these really cute rainbow laces too and look pink in some lights and gold in others. This was also another time where having small feet worked in my favour, as the majority of the shoes were in a size 4-5, and these ones in particular had only two boxes left, both in a 4. I had struck gold, literally. Clutching them closely I went for a browse around everything else to see if I could grab any other bargains.

Although everything had huge discounts, because Miista shoes are so pricey in the first place, some of the shoes still costed up to £60. There were so many beautiful pairs, and I could have spent fortunes in there but tried to restrain myself. Just as I was about to walk away and pay I spotted another pair of brogues. These had a purpley blue material that seems to swim as you move the shoes in your hands. They were a little dirty on the soles, but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned. For this reason they were also only £10! £10! From about £140! they were in my size too. No hesitation, I went straight to the pay point and walked out into the sunshine feeling pretty chuffed. A good pair of shoes for a great price always feels like an accomplishment!


So there you go, a quick little bit of shoe haulin’ on a Saturday. I think I’m going to be keeping an eye out for more sample sales in the future for sure, and in the mean time, if any of you happen to be in London then the Lazy Oaf x Miista sample sale is on until about 6pm today again!

Have a lovely weekend,




Spooky Trousers

20140117-144732.jpgHello! This post comes to you at the wrong time of year really, though in my world, Halloween is a constant.

My dad has his own cult horror magazine and has hung vintage horror posters all over our house, while Childs Play was one of the first movies I ever watched! Horror has therefore always been a big part of my life, in the best way possible that is! I think it’s for this reason that I like spooky inspired things.

I really like the aesthetics of old horror movies and vintage horror comics, with the bold colouring, exaggerated facial expressions and drippy lettering. Although it might sound like a strange thing to say, I also really love the sets of old horror movies, and find something about them kind of cosy. Those huge haunted houses and arm chairs beside crackling fires ❤

Combine these interests with a thing for colourful, bizarre, crazily patterned, psychedelic clothing and you get a wardrobe that could be mistaken for fancy dress wear. While I keep meaning to do more fashion posts, I also don’t have a decent camera or setting to take the photos in. I think that once the weather gets better this will be something to make an effort with! For now though, here are some pictures of two pairs of my spooky trousers that I managed to snap up in the sales.

20140117-144811.jpgHow awesome are these bone leggings?! They’re from Lazy Oaf, which is a crazy cool brand. Their clothing is usually quite pricey, but these leggings were reduced to £10 from £45! Bargain or what?! If you wanted to get yourself a pair then they’ve actually been further reduced to £5! So quick, go get em!

patterned leggings can scare people sometimes, because the trouble with bold designs is that they can be tricky to pair with things. The thing with leggings is that a good, long, slouchy, plain coloured jumper will always work. With monochrome leggings such as these you could get away with pretty much any colour, and as I found out with the above, a cropped shirt can look cool too.



I don’t know what kind of a facial expression this is meant to be, but basically, I never know how to pose in pictures. Seriously, whatever I do I look like a goof!

I was SO.DAMN.PLEASED about these trousers. I’d been drooling over Topshop’s ‘Ghoul Girl’ collection over the last few months but not been able to afford much, then, as I wandered into my local the other week I spotted these babies looking lonesome in the sale rail. They’re so comfortable and the design is really cool, with a montage of halloweeny images. The icing on the cake was that they were reduced to £10 from £35! I feel like a bargain queen.

Here is a closer look:

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 15.27.43So, I guess this is just a quick post. Did any of you get some cool sale stuff? Let me know in the comments!

Have a good weekend 🙂

Christmas Presents!

I hope that anyone out there reading this had a lovely Christmas and received some exciting goodies. I know I did! I thought i’d just do a quick post including some of the things that I got this year. I was going to try and do a bit of a fashion shoot thing, styling some of the below in different ways, but the day seems to have just disappeared before I could get around to it! So instead, here is a very lazy version of that idea:










944284_10151769662186673_2083510484_nSorry if the formatting is a bit iffy – i’m still trying to get my head around editing images in WordPress. From the top left down to the bottom are where you’ll find the following (though I have no idea if they’re all still in stock).

1. Green coat: Topshop
2. Glow in the dark skeleton Jumper: Asos
3. Moon face cardi: SheInside
4. Tartan Cigarette Trousers: Topshop
5. Bat Jeans: Topshop
6. Holographic Jolene loafers: Topshop
7. Dr Martens
8. A load of pug stuff! (I have no idea where these things are from)

I’ll be heading up to Wales tomorrow night to celebrate New Years. Whatever any of you are up to, I hope that you have a smashing one!

Nigel_ThornberryCheerio x

Charity Shop Spree 30.10.2013

Since coming home from university over a year ago, I’ve been gradually working my way through clearing out all the things I’ve accumulated over the years (which is ALOT). I used to get really sentimental about chucking things away, even when they were something I hadn’t used in years and year and years. Now I tend to sell thing on Ebay or take them to the charity shop and feel this sense of relief having done so. It’s quite therapeutic somehow.

The only problem with the charity shop is that I end up dropping things off and then coming out with more! Today is a good example of this. I didn’t get as much as I have done on some trips, but what I did get, if i’m honest, I probably didn’t really need. Still, when you’re buying from charity shops it’s always a bargain and a good deed. So I’m not going to feel too guilty!

Here are my goodies of the day.

20131030-183718.jpgI thought I’d start with the weirdest. I think this is a salt shaker. I’m probably going to use it as decoration for now. It’s freaky and weird and that’s what I love about it. If my friend that I went shopping with didn’t think I was odd before, she certainly does now.

20131030-183733.jpgI’m such a sucker for candles and candle holders. There were two of these for 50p and the orangey tint to them looks lovely when lit up, as it reflects the petals of the flower shape onto the table surface in an amber hue.

20131030-183749.jpgThis pattern is from a blouse that I got. It was in the vintage section of one of my favourite local charity shops, and only cost £3! Great compared to the prices of actual vintage shops. The label said that it was an extra large, but I decided to try it on anyway because the pattern is awesome and I prefer a slouchy fit to tops. Luckily it worked, and is really airy and comfortable.

That’s all! I hope you’re all enjoying this Halloween week, or ‘Halloweek’, and watching lots of scary movies, eating pumpkin soup and listening to Monster Mash.