Visiting Hyper Japan

Yesterday I went to the Hyper Japan Christmas market. It was really fun!

I LOVE going to conventions. Even though the busy-ness can be stressful, experiencing an insight into the microcosmic worlds certain interests (or countries in this case) have created is fascinating.

I’d seen Hyper Japan advertised before but been unable to go at the time, so when I spotted it in the Metro on my morning commute last week I excitedly booked tickets straight away.

In an attempt to try and not blow all my money (which easily happens at these kinds of events!) I made a mental list of things I’d get:

1. Strange flavoured kit kats
2. A bonsai tree
3. A plush llama
4. Presents for OTHER people

I just about stuck to the above, by which I mean, I did get number 2 & 3 (plus a whole bunch of other kawaii things, but all for myself. Oops.)


Everything was just SO cute.


All the sellers were super friendly too, especially the lovely lady that handmade this kawaii banana necklace:


As well as staring longingly at all the alpacasso merchandise (alpacasso is the official name for the cute llamas) we also took advantage of the delicious free alcohol samples on offer. I can’t remember the names of all the drinks we tried, but know one was a very strong Japanese whiskey and the rest sweet favoured variations of saki.

We bought a cup of warm saki to wander around with and stopped for a while to watch the cosplay competition contestants show off their character moves on a catwalk styled stage. Even though I had no idea who a lot of the characters were, I still was in complete awe of the amazing detail each person had gone to with their costumes. Also, there was a giant, burly man in a huge Hello Kitty outfit, which might have been my favourite. (I was too busy eating noodles at this time to take any pictures!)

Also, check out our beautiful bonsai!


I bought way more than I should have, but hey ho, that’s always the way! It was really fun and I’d definitely like to go back when it’s next on.

Have any of you been before? Let me know in the comments!

Have an eggcelent Sunday 🙂


Amber x


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