A Night at the Museum – with Tatty Devine

20140326-194035.jpgOn Tuesday the 25th March, I caught the train after work and headed for the Museum of London. It’s not easy to miss, with two giant emerald orb bodied lizards crawling around it. I anxiously went inside. Not because I was going to something terrifying, but rather because there were quite a few people hovering in the reception and I was on my own and didn’t know anyone and suddenly felt like this really strange, awkward human wearing unicorn jeans.

It was going to be ok though. I was here for the Tatty Devine jewellery making class, after all, which I’d been excited about (and even blogged about) since I’d booked it back in January. It was a work shop inspired by London’s Cheapside Hoard, which meant lots of colourful gem like perspex and bits of bling to add. As we got called to go downstairs to the workshop room I began to get really excited, flexing my fingers, ready to get creative!


The room was quite large, with an enticing bar and in the corner, an even more enticing stall with some Tatty jewellery and a 20% off sign above. That officially made it criminal not to buy anything. (I got this cutie pie to the right.)

There were various rows of long tables with little boxes and cocktail sticks in front of each seat. We were asked to gather around the top of the table where a lovely lady (whose name I cannot remember because I am rubbish and never remember names) gave us a demonstration of the first step. At either end of the table some little shapes were revealed. We got to have a rummage and choose which we wanted. It wasn’t an easy task!


All the charms were so pretty and shiny. There was a choice between a few different shapes, including hearts, teardrops, disco ball style things and the largest ones that reminded me of thought clouds. Colours included pink, purple, emerald, blue, silver, yellow and red.

I spent a lot of time changing my mind, re-arranging patterns until I finally went for a bit of an odd colour scheme: purple, pink, purple, clear, green, blue, green. Next: gem-ing!


We were faced with lots and lots of sparkly stuff! Perhaps even more amazing though were, what I can best describe as tiny sticky cotton buds on the end of cocktail sticks. We used these to pick the gems up and place them in our boxes. Genius! (I should’ve got a picture of one).

I got glueing with the intention of just using a subtle bit of bling. Five minutes later and every perspex gem was covered! It’s easily done.

20140326-193736.jpg Next up was putting it all together. An authentic Tatty chain, 8 jump rings and finally It was complete! Staring down at my design I couldn’t work out if I was happy with it or not. There had been so many options, so many possibilities, and you couldn’t help but look around and see other people’s designs and think, “oh! I wish I’d done something like that!”

Once it had been put in an official Tatty Devine box though I started to feel proud, staring at it on the tube journey home lovingly. There’s something so satisfying about making something that is unique to you.

All in all the evening was really fun. The Tatty team are so friendly too, which makes their fandom feel like one big group of mates that really like weird and wonderful, cute and colourful jewellery. I think everyone should do stuff like this. It’s the most freeing thing to be creative, as it makes all the other stresses and frustrations drift out of your head for a while. That’s how I feel, at least. I will definitely be going to more of these, and in the mean time persevering with my own jewellery making endeavours!

Ta da! 







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