Bits n Bobs from Brick Lane

I know it’s been a while and I’m so frustrated at myself as my whole posting every week thing was going so well but then I missed one week and it all went down the drain. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m back and posting some curiosities I stumbled across today after attending an interview around the Shoreditch area. I ate a magnificently cheesy pizza then wandered around various shops in Brick Lane, including a sex shop where they offer you tea and coffee while you browse, and another place with a spectacular selection of chocolates that smelt so good I almost passed out from a cocoa high.


One of my favourite shops in Brick Lane has to be this one little place that basically looks like it has a load of junk dumped in it. I’ve never actually taken the time to notice what it’s called as I’m always just mesmerized by all the bric a brac everywhere. There are dolls, record players, tea pot clocks, rugs, ornaments galore and creepy looking tribal figures, to name but a few of the things scattered about.


Above is an obese cat holding a little “Merry Christmas” paper bag with a fish inside. A common sight amongst the hoard, really.¬†Exploring the downstairs section can be a little scary as the stairway is so cluttered in mirrors and bottles, and as much as I love this place I’m always slightly holding my breath walking around it, certain that if I don’t I’ll smash at least twenty things in my pathway.

On my travels through the shop I did happen to see a very stoned looking Harry Potter doll and this lady below, who we gave a nearby prop to. I feel like it gives her more Uma Thurman in Kill Bill vibes.


I did end up splurging on two items. One was this fuzzy little seal, which my sister lovingly commented on as looking like a dog penis. I don’t care, it’s cute, I love seals, and I was walking around the shop with it, stroking it like a creepy seal lady so basically had to buy it.


The other purchase was one I ummed and aahhhed about for ages. I’ve wanted some butterflies/moths in a frame for ages, and had seen them in here before but refrained from buying them as they can be quite pricey. I happened to notice this one in the window though and worked my haggling magic (a fiver off, ha), which was basically just a way to feel better about buying it when I shouldn’t have really. It’s absolutely lovely with it’s blue iridescent wings though and I can’t stop staring at it hanging majestically on my wall.


Other places we visited included a jewellery shop that sold a crazy array of necklaces, including these Barbie leg ones.


Lastly we went into a shop selling art prints, and perhaps most importantly, they had four cats inside! All napping in sync. Here’s my very rubbish picture of it from outside.


So, that’s my very brief post and I should probably go to sleep now as I’m absolutely knackered, ill, and meant to be trying out a yoga class tomorrow after work! Pretty nervous as to how it’s gonna go but 2014 is a year for trying new things! So hopefully it’ll be fun (and achey, no doubt!)

Na night. Have weird dreams.