Jewellery Making

Hell-here-neonLet me start off this post by saying that I hate Sundays. I really, really do. Even when I’m on holiday and have no work the next day, there’s just some sort of grey blob of bleh that settles inside my stomach and makes me feel lethargic and moody. Seeing as it’s the first Sunday of 2014 though I’m going to try and distract these weird feelings through being productive!

The first thing I did when I woke up today was my usual routine of grabbing my phone and laying in bed, scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, E-mails and everything else until I could feel myself de-zombifying. During this I noticed that Tatty Devine had posted on instagram about a jewellery making workshop that they were hosting in March. Fifteen minutes later I’d booked my tickets.


If you don’t know who Tatty Devine are, then you have to turn that around. Right. Now. They’re basically magicians of the jewellery making world. All of their items are so unique, creative and exciting. Here are a few images of my favourite Tatty pieces:




Pretty cool, huh?

Getting crafty

I’ve had a growing interest in jewellery making over the last few years after getting obsessed with Etsy and collecting all kinds of weird and wonderful necklaces. I started searching for particular ideas to see if anyone had made something similar, which got me thinking, maybe I should try making some of the things I’d like to see available myself.

My first attempt at this was a beard necklace. I’d seen a tutorial through Tumblr for one that was in the style of hunger games’ Seneca Crane:


Bow down all other beard owners.

I was pretty nervous making it, as although a relatively simple set of instructions I’m notorious amongst people that know me for being super clumsy. I also have very little patience with anything that requires following a set of instructions. Like cooking for example, where attempting to make a gourmet meal (or just some fairy cakes) while hungry probably doesn’t help as you end up rushing the whole thing or eating all the ingredients before you’re done.

These were troubles that I was sure wouldn’t impact my attempts at craftiness, though there was still always the risk that it could go incredibly tits up. In the end, while by no means perfect (and I’m still a little scared to wear it out, always sure it’ll fall apart at any minute) I managed to make a beard necklace that I was pretty damn proud of:

It's looking a little decrepit now!

It’s looking a little decrepit now!

I’ve even had a few strangers looking at it bemused, before asking, “Is that a…Beard?” And I’m all smug like, “yes. Yes it is.”

My next attempt was about a year later (I wasn’t being very prolific). This time I ordered some beads from Etsy and then bought some colourful string to save on costs. This necklace was an absolute nightmare to make, and involved lots of swearing and super glue (a patch of which is still stained onto my desk as a permanent reminder of the ordeal). The final product was the following, which I like to call the ‘Day of the Dead Disco Necklace’:


yes. I did put one of the skull heads the wrong way round. *sigh*

Time to do some shit

I’m definitely one for procrastinating. I’ll even hoover my room three times in one day just to avoid doing the stuff I should be doing, in between making ten zillion cups of tea and re-watching all of 4od’s episodes of ‘The Hoarder Next Door’.

This year I’m determined to actually do the things that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Learning how to properly make jewellery and then practicing this consistently is one of my main missions (as well as updating this blog regularly, and hopefully, at some point, getting some more readers for it!)

All this motivational spirit could end up wearing off by the end of the week, but for now it’s the first week of January and I’m trying to stay positive! Booking a place at this workshop certainly feels like a step in the right direction anyway.

Do any of you have specific goals for the new year? Or are you just takin’ life as it comes? Either way, good luck and stay positive! 🙂

It seems right to finish this post with a few more pictures of my favourite necklaces from around the internet (by which I mean, mostly Etsy!)


Via: Etsy


Via: Etsy


Via: Etsy


Via: Etsy

I hope that you all have a splendid rest of your Sunday. If like me you also suffer from the Sunday blues then hopefully seeing so many cute necklaces will have cheered you up!

Until the next post,



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