Christmas Presents!

I hope that anyone out there reading this had a lovely Christmas and received some exciting goodies. I know I did! I thought i’d just do a quick post including some of the things that I got this year. I was going to try and do a bit of a fashion shoot thing, styling some of the below in different ways, but the day seems to have just disappeared before I could get around to it! So instead, here is a very lazy version of that idea:










944284_10151769662186673_2083510484_nSorry if the formatting is a bit iffy – i’m still trying to get my head around editing images in WordPress. From the top left down to the bottom are where you’ll find the following (though I have no idea if they’re all still in stock).

1. Green coat: Topshop
2. Glow in the dark skeleton Jumper: Asos
3. Moon face cardi: SheInside
4. Tartan Cigarette Trousers: Topshop
5. Bat Jeans: Topshop
6. Holographic Jolene loafers: Topshop
7. Dr Martens
8. A load of pug stuff! (I have no idea where these things are from)

I’ll be heading up to Wales tomorrow night to celebrate New Years. Whatever any of you are up to, I hope that you have a smashing one!

Nigel_ThornberryCheerio x


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