Ok, so this post might be a bit of a rushed one, as I’m feeling guilty about not posting anything lately and at the same time am feeling ill and have just gotten back from seeing Gravity at the cinema (which was totally awesome!)

So! This post is about bedrooms. Well, sort of. It’s mainly about my bedroom if I’m honest. My bedroom is my cave. I spend far more time hiding in here than I should, and for that reason I’ve filled it with things that make me happy. I especially love tacky decorations or random bric a brac from charity shops. Sometimes I look around my room and feel like it looks as though it belongs to a ten year old. And I’m ok with that.

Bedrooms are important too, if you think about it. When you’re growing up it’s your own space that you can shut yourself away in and use to express yourself. I’ve always been kind of fascinated by fictional characters bedrooms for this reason too, as I feel like it’s usually very much a part of them, and sometimes memorable for that reason.

My favourite character room has to be Enid’s from Ghost World. I just want everything she has.


Next up is a famous one: Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and The City. It’s a classic.  carrie_bedroom_thumb

Alex’s bedroom from a Clockwork Orange. The design in this movie is so unique, colourful, disconcerting and iconic. I’m not sure I’d want to sleep there, but it is very cool looking.

cwo-nightHey Arnold’s room! I grew up wishing I had a glass roof the same so that I could stare up at the night sky when in bed. I still wish I had that roof.


While my room is in no way as cool as the above, I am pretty proud of it. Since moving back from university I’ve managed to sort through a lot of the old junk I had in here and fill it instead with new, awesome junk! Here some of it is.


Raven lights that were bought at Halloween. I love anything associated with being spooky, Edgar Allan Poe and just fairy lights in general. I hung these above my Vincent Price themed Abertoir festival poster too, which I thought was quite fitting.





A lucky waving cat, yo! I got this the other day, just cause. I love it, but the only frustrating thing is how noisy it is! I’d never noticed before until I tried to sleep and couldn’t escape its loud ticking as its arm swings back and fourth. Hopefully it’ll just bring me a load of luck. I think I can get over this issue then.




Sorry about the lighting on this picture. I was being lazy and just took it quickly with my phone. This is a little holographic old school map I got in a charity shop, and then put in a charity shop frame, which I also decided to customise. Kinda regret doing that. I have no idea what possessed me to add those random swirls.



A little green balloon made from Venetian glass. I got this when I was in Venice last February, and man was it stressful trying to get it home without breaking it! Managed though, and thank god. It’s awesome.







I bought this quite recently actually. There’s this shop on Etsy that sells really cute banners that are inspired by vintage images. This one has images of old valentines cards and they’re just adorable.

Lastly: this magnificent seal lamp.


So that’s it for tonight folks. I have a lot more shizzle up in here, trust me, but like I said, I’m not feeling so great today and haven’t had a chance to take many good pictures of it all. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the kind of silly things I like to collect. What are your bedrooms/apartments/homes like? Do you have any especially unusual things that have interesting stories behind them?

Night all!


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