When I feel myself slipping away into a sadness, I have certain things that I can turn to and find solace in. Some of these change, others are always the same. Here is a list of things keeping me afloat right now, and hopefully some will be useful to any of you out there feeling blue too.

1. Resting my feet beside radiators
2. Wrapping my palms around warm mugs, feeling the steam stroke my skin
3. Edward Hopper. Especially Nighthawks:
hopper.nighthawks4. Listening to and watching the rain outside
5. laying in bed with music playing
6. Clothes

7. Cosy lights
8. Candles
9. Warm showers
10. Documentaries about strange but fascinating people
11. Tattoos

12. Writing poems that don’t really make any sense
13. Pizza
14. Snuggling under a big blanket
15. Pulling on a baggy jumper
16. My dog

17. Long walks
18. Late night conversations over dinner and drinks with friends
19. Holding hands
20. Strangers on public transport
21. Thoughts of Space

22. Aberystwyth
23. Drinking water
24. Listening to director commentaries on my favourite films
25. Richard Brautigan poems:

26. Funfairs
27. This song:

28. Maps and globes

4409931369_da78a04eba_o29. My aunts house in Finland
30. David Lynch
31. Diners
32. Halloween
33. The cinema
06062012_AP11092404854-60034. Train journey’s to somewhere new
35. Travelling
36. Famous quotes, like:

37. Swimming
38. Pictures of sloths



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