Although It’s starting to get much colder now, I’m still happier at this time of year than I am in summer. I love waking up to the sound of rain outside, and riding public transport bundled up in layers, stopping in cafes and feeling my cheeks warm up, the colour of the leaves and the strange smell of Winter you begin to notice creeping into the atmosphere.

Another thing I actually love is the early evenings. I’ve always preferred night time, and although the dark makes days feel shorter, it also makes them feel cosier somehow. I like when the street lights turn on and drizzle amber light along dewy pavements, and houses look like big brick lanterns with glowing windows.

Light up my life

I think it’s this love of night, and the artificial light amongst it that can create such an ambience which has made me fascinated with lights in general. In my bedroom I own four lamps and three sets of fairy lights. All of these are unusual in their own way, and I can’t wait to in the future fill up a house with more. A neon sign of pizza or a coffee cup feel like essentials for a kitchen.

Here is my seal light:


Neon dreams

Neon is awesome. In particular, neon signs. They remind me of motels, bars and diners, with sometimes wonderfully creative logos or catchphrases and always so much character. One of the best things about cities is their appearance at night and I think these signs have a lot to do with that. It makes things feel not so lonely, as though there’s life in that flickering neon.

Here are some of my favourite neon signs and art works:

d7183daf16f3661fee6fb491c3cf5d75f3bc5b74_m neon_signs_19 DSC_0150lighter ice_cream_cone_neon_229-D14-B chris_bracey_scream_03 Tracey-Emin-–-I-Listen-to-the-Ocean-and-All-I-Hear-is-You

There are just so many great ones! I especially love the idea of using neon to create art, like Tracey Emin’s pieces. When set against darkness it whispers to you like a lost thought, and has this nostalgic tone of fairgrounds, which tints the words in a kind of sadness, or sometimes irony, depending what they are saying.

I also really want to go to the Neon Graveyard in Vegas. It looks absolutely fascinating, though also very creepy. All these signs that once lured in wandering souls looking for a good time now rusted and dusty, stranded in one space together.


Love is not consolation

tumblr_me5jmiUhil1qe31lco1_1280Light can be warming and it can be comforting. It has a presence that is often inviting and yet somehow lonely at the same time. Something about words spelt out in bulbs and hanging on dingy walls is beautifully poetic, just like the confused and sleepless people that often frequent their areas.

To see a Nietzsche quote in a different way, “Love is not consolation. It is light.”


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