Adventure Time – Oh my glob!

If you’ve ever watched Adventure Time before, you’ll know that every episode makes life feel 100% better. If you haven’t (what are you doing with your life, dude?), lemme break it down for you.

There’s a cool dog named Jake, who can morph into crazy shapes and is full of comforting wisdom like this:

Jake-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-31394652-392-495He also loves food. Like, really, really loves food.

tumblr_lr5r1hAmre1qf0y8to1_500Then there’s his adventure companion, Finn. He wears a funny hat and green backpack and is going through the usual awkward pubescent boy stuff, but at the same time he’s also super courageous and dates cool magical chicks like Flame Princess, so it ain’t all bad.


Then there are all the other magical residents of Ooo (where they live). These are a mixture of good and bad, often momentarily misunderstood, but always totally, totally weird. That’s why this show is so incredible. It has moments that are so trippy, you find yourself wondering if you somehow spiked yourself by accident. Lemongrab is a good example.


He has the craziest voice you’re ever likely to hear, and it tends to shout the catchphrase, “UNACCEPTAAABLEEE” a lot. I’ll never see lemons in the same way.

One of the main villains is the Ice King. He’s pretty much a pathetically lonely guy, who desperately wants a wife, and will happily kidnap princesses (or even steal bits from each of their bodies to stitch together an entirely new princess) to find one. He’s creepy, but at the same time you can’t help feeling a bit sorry for him.


He also has penguins for allies. Like cute little Gunther.


There are A LOT of Princesses too, each with their own bizarre characteristics. Princess Bubblegum is one of the most popular. She’s cool but a little crazy, like everyone in Ooo. She lives in a palace made out of candy, full of candy people. Her butler is a peppermint.


Personally, I’ll always have a particular fondness for Lumpy Space Princess. mainly because she comes out with things like this:


So there you have it. A very brief insight into the Adventure Time universe and all its amazing wackiness. It’s colourful, imaginative, and funny on a level that suits both kids and adults. You can also learn a lot about life from it, I like to think. Although it does tend to make me sad that I can’t live in Ooo and spend my days adventuring. On the plus side, there’s always bacon pancakes.



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