La Luna

I’m completely in love with images of the moon. Especially these ones with faces. There’s something so cosy and comforting about the moon. Even when it looks a bit creeepy (like some of the pictures of moons to follow kind of do!) I’ve always been more of a night owl, in that I feel most inspired and content in those hours. Below i’ve listed a selection of my favourite moon pictures. Many are vintage, though they have this wonderfully atmospheric and nostalgic quality to them for this reason.



This moon has a rather unfortunate looking nose. I love the addition of the cat! Especially the fact it’s wearing a little bow tie too.







Not sure if this place is currently in existence, but if it is, I need to go there! If I had the world my way, every establishment would have neon lighted signs as wonderful as this.







These pictures of couples posing on paper moons seemed to be all the rage in the past. I wish it was still a thing! Even if it was, I’ve no doubt they’d look a lot more spectacular, with less of the charm that these do thanks to their age. Having one of these taken would be my dream date though, followed by blueberry pie and a milkshake in a diner.




This poster is a recipe for many of my loves in life.







The gentleman’s moon.







I’m not entirely sure where this image is from, though I have a feeling it’s from a kind of tarot card. I should probably know this as I also have tattoo of it.




There’s a selection of these images, with the woman doing a few other poses. This moon may be faceless, but the picture is still no less lovely. She looks like a glamorous moon goddess. I want to be a moon goddess!







Just another cute one to end. Moons = love.


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