Charity Shop Spree 30.10.2013

Since coming home from university over a year ago, I’ve been gradually working my way through clearing out all the things I’ve accumulated over the years (which is ALOT). I used to get really sentimental about chucking things away, even when they were something I hadn’t used in years and year and years. Now I tend to sell thing on Ebay or take them to the charity shop and feel this sense of relief having done so. It’s quite therapeutic somehow.

The only problem with the charity shop is that I end up dropping things off and then coming out with more! Today is a good example of this. I didn’t get as much as I have done on some trips, but what I did get, if i’m honest, I probably didn’t really need. Still, when you’re buying from charity shops it’s always a bargain and a good deed. So I’m not going to feel too guilty!

Here are my goodies of the day.

20131030-183718.jpgI thought I’d start with the weirdest. I think this is a salt shaker. I’m probably going to use it as decoration for now. It’s freaky and weird and that’s what I love about it. If my friend that I went shopping with didn’t think I was odd before, she certainly does now.

20131030-183733.jpgI’m such a sucker for candles and candle holders. There were two of these for 50p and the orangey tint to them looks lovely when lit up, as it reflects the petals of the flower shape onto the table surface in an amber hue.

20131030-183749.jpgThis pattern is from a blouse that I got. It was in the vintage section of one of my favourite local charity shops, and only cost £3! Great compared to the prices of actual vintage shops. The label said that it was an extra large, but I decided to try it on anyway because the pattern is awesome and I prefer a slouchy fit to tops. Luckily it worked, and is really airy and comfortable.

That’s all! I hope you’re all enjoying this Halloween week, or ‘Halloweek’, and watching lots of scary movies, eating pumpkin soup and listening to Monster Mash.


Pikachu, I choose you!


I thought I’d be brave and upload a little Pokemon themed photo shoot inspired by my new Pikachu skirt. I’ve gotten really interested in fashion blogs lately, as fashion is something that has allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable with myself over the last few years, so thought it was worth giving one of these style posts a go myself!

fullbody(I should’ve really ironed my top)


My skirt is from Romwe


Pokeball earrings were a birthday present


Ash Ketchum cap from Ebay many years ago!


My ready-to-catch-em-all face

Some thoughts on your twenties.

tumblr_mblkdsYgnA1qz4ekko1_1280When I was younger I would spend many hours chatting excitedly with my best friend about what we’d be like in our twenties. Our visions were formed from watching rom-coms and shows like Sex and the City, where fashionable and sassy women with cosmopolitan dramas would go on dates with men in classy bars.

I’d have good hair and teeth and be comfortable with myself, with a good job that allowed me to be creative. I’d stop off for a coffee with a cute stranger I bumped into on the tube and discuss favourite novels and songs until it got light outside. Then I’d return home, curl up on the sofa under a blanket with my pet dog and fall asleep to the sights of a lit up city outside the window. That was what my life would be like. And I was excited, because it wasn’t now, it was just a lovely idea back then.


“I’m always anxious thinking I’m not living my life to the fullest, you know?”

Ideas can be crushing though. They sweep past you like a hand that brushes yours and leaves you looking around, puzzled as to where that fleeting moment of comfort went. The truth is that my twenties haven’t been what I’d hoped. And it’s likely that they won’t be, or haven’t been for you either.

You’ll think about the past and sometimes not know who you were, and for that reason, wonder who you are now, and what you can offer to the world in the future. You’ll be lonely, and confused. Confused about absolutely everything. That which seems tangible one minute can be turned into ashy fragments of letters and faces and places the next.

Thinking too much will drive you insane.You’ll re-consider the friends in your life and the choices you have made and need to make about a million times. There will be many days where you’ll want to hide and disappear. Then there will be days where you’ll want to take on the world. Focus on the latter, because this is the time in your life where you really can do anything you want to, even though it’ll feel the opposite because you have no money and feel stuck.

Don’t feel like you need to settle down with someone. Don’t feel like you need anyone. Being OK by yourself is something rare in itself.

Rejection is not the end of the world.

You do not need a plan. All the questions you get asked and furrowed eyebrows from parents will make you think otherwise, but plans, while often useful, will only make you feel like you’re failing. Take opportunities as they come and create a route as it appears.

Go on long walks to clear your head and listen to music that makes your heart swell and your head swim with ideas. Smile at people, dance, read famous quotes from those that have lived and soak up the details of every little moment. Try to be a good person, and never let the emptiness of not knowing take you over. There’s so much yet to happen, and that doesn’t mean it has to happen right now.

You’ll be ok. Always tell yourself this. Because the rush of feeling that this is the future, and it’s happening right now, and it’s passing you by will turn you invisible and take you away from seeing the wonderful things you already have made for yourself.

Lastly, remember everyone’s at least a little lost. No matter what age they are. (And if they aren’t, they’re probably not as interesting.)


When I feel myself slipping away into a sadness, I have certain things that I can turn to and find solace in. Some of these change, others are always the same. Here is a list of things keeping me afloat right now, and hopefully some will be useful to any of you out there feeling blue too.

1. Resting my feet beside radiators
2. Wrapping my palms around warm mugs, feeling the steam stroke my skin
3. Edward Hopper. Especially Nighthawks:
hopper.nighthawks4. Listening to and watching the rain outside
5. laying in bed with music playing
6. Clothes

7. Cosy lights
8. Candles
9. Warm showers
10. Documentaries about strange but fascinating people
11. Tattoos

12. Writing poems that don’t really make any sense
13. Pizza
14. Snuggling under a big blanket
15. Pulling on a baggy jumper
16. My dog

17. Long walks
18. Late night conversations over dinner and drinks with friends
19. Holding hands
20. Strangers on public transport
21. Thoughts of Space

22. Aberystwyth
23. Drinking water
24. Listening to director commentaries on my favourite films
25. Richard Brautigan poems:

26. Funfairs
27. This song:

28. Maps and globes

4409931369_da78a04eba_o29. My aunts house in Finland
30. David Lynch
31. Diners
32. Halloween
33. The cinema
06062012_AP11092404854-60034. Train journey’s to somewhere new
35. Travelling
36. Famous quotes, like:

37. Swimming
38. Pictures of sloths



Although It’s starting to get much colder now, I’m still happier at this time of year than I am in summer. I love waking up to the sound of rain outside, and riding public transport bundled up in layers, stopping in cafes and feeling my cheeks warm up, the colour of the leaves and the strange smell of Winter you begin to notice creeping into the atmosphere.

Another thing I actually love is the early evenings. I’ve always preferred night time, and although the dark makes days feel shorter, it also makes them feel cosier somehow. I like when the street lights turn on and drizzle amber light along dewy pavements, and houses look like big brick lanterns with glowing windows.

Light up my life

I think it’s this love of night, and the artificial light amongst it that can create such an ambience which has made me fascinated with lights in general. In my bedroom I own four lamps and three sets of fairy lights. All of these are unusual in their own way, and I can’t wait to in the future fill up a house with more. A neon sign of pizza or a coffee cup feel like essentials for a kitchen.

Here is my seal light:


Neon dreams

Neon is awesome. In particular, neon signs. They remind me of motels, bars and diners, with sometimes wonderfully creative logos or catchphrases and always so much character. One of the best things about cities is their appearance at night and I think these signs have a lot to do with that. It makes things feel not so lonely, as though there’s life in that flickering neon.

Here are some of my favourite neon signs and art works:

d7183daf16f3661fee6fb491c3cf5d75f3bc5b74_m neon_signs_19 DSC_0150lighter ice_cream_cone_neon_229-D14-B chris_bracey_scream_03 Tracey-Emin-–-I-Listen-to-the-Ocean-and-All-I-Hear-is-You

There are just so many great ones! I especially love the idea of using neon to create art, like Tracey Emin’s pieces. When set against darkness it whispers to you like a lost thought, and has this nostalgic tone of fairgrounds, which tints the words in a kind of sadness, or sometimes irony, depending what they are saying.

I also really want to go to the Neon Graveyard in Vegas. It looks absolutely fascinating, though also very creepy. All these signs that once lured in wandering souls looking for a good time now rusted and dusty, stranded in one space together.


Love is not consolation

tumblr_me5jmiUhil1qe31lco1_1280Light can be warming and it can be comforting. It has a presence that is often inviting and yet somehow lonely at the same time. Something about words spelt out in bulbs and hanging on dingy walls is beautifully poetic, just like the confused and sleepless people that often frequent their areas.

To see a Nietzsche quote in a different way, “Love is not consolation. It is light.”

Adventure Time – Oh my glob!

If you’ve ever watched Adventure Time before, you’ll know that every episode makes life feel 100% better. If you haven’t (what are you doing with your life, dude?), lemme break it down for you.

There’s a cool dog named Jake, who can morph into crazy shapes and is full of comforting wisdom like this:

Jake-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-31394652-392-495He also loves food. Like, really, really loves food.

tumblr_lr5r1hAmre1qf0y8to1_500Then there’s his adventure companion, Finn. He wears a funny hat and green backpack and is going through the usual awkward pubescent boy stuff, but at the same time he’s also super courageous and dates cool magical chicks like Flame Princess, so it ain’t all bad.


Then there are all the other magical residents of Ooo (where they live). These are a mixture of good and bad, often momentarily misunderstood, but always totally, totally weird. That’s why this show is so incredible. It has moments that are so trippy, you find yourself wondering if you somehow spiked yourself by accident. Lemongrab is a good example.


He has the craziest voice you’re ever likely to hear, and it tends to shout the catchphrase, “UNACCEPTAAABLEEE” a lot. I’ll never see lemons in the same way.

One of the main villains is the Ice King. He’s pretty much a pathetically lonely guy, who desperately wants a wife, and will happily kidnap princesses (or even steal bits from each of their bodies to stitch together an entirely new princess) to find one. He’s creepy, but at the same time you can’t help feeling a bit sorry for him.


He also has penguins for allies. Like cute little Gunther.


There are A LOT of Princesses too, each with their own bizarre characteristics. Princess Bubblegum is one of the most popular. She’s cool but a little crazy, like everyone in Ooo. She lives in a palace made out of candy, full of candy people. Her butler is a peppermint.


Personally, I’ll always have a particular fondness for Lumpy Space Princess. mainly because she comes out with things like this:


So there you have it. A very brief insight into the Adventure Time universe and all its amazing wackiness. It’s colourful, imaginative, and funny on a level that suits both kids and adults. You can also learn a lot about life from it, I like to think. Although it does tend to make me sad that I can’t live in Ooo and spend my days adventuring. On the plus side, there’s always bacon pancakes.


La Luna

I’m completely in love with images of the moon. Especially these ones with faces. There’s something so cosy and comforting about the moon. Even when it looks a bit creeepy (like some of the pictures of moons to follow kind of do!) I’ve always been more of a night owl, in that I feel most inspired and content in those hours. Below i’ve listed a selection of my favourite moon pictures. Many are vintage, though they have this wonderfully atmospheric and nostalgic quality to them for this reason.



This moon has a rather unfortunate looking nose. I love the addition of the cat! Especially the fact it’s wearing a little bow tie too.







Not sure if this place is currently in existence, but if it is, I need to go there! If I had the world my way, every establishment would have neon lighted signs as wonderful as this.







These pictures of couples posing on paper moons seemed to be all the rage in the past. I wish it was still a thing! Even if it was, I’ve no doubt they’d look a lot more spectacular, with less of the charm that these do thanks to their age. Having one of these taken would be my dream date though, followed by blueberry pie and a milkshake in a diner.




This poster is a recipe for many of my loves in life.







The gentleman’s moon.







I’m not entirely sure where this image is from, though I have a feeling it’s from a kind of tarot card. I should probably know this as I also have tattoo of it.




There’s a selection of these images, with the woman doing a few other poses. This moon may be faceless, but the picture is still no less lovely. She looks like a glamorous moon goddess. I want to be a moon goddess!







Just another cute one to end. Moons = love.